Allow Angelo Hobbies to assist you with your layout or additions. We can provide the technical expertise, layout planning, construction techniques and  all the supplies you need to make your project a reality in weeks. Whether you just need some advice and supplies or full construction service, we can do as much or as little as you may need.

Considering a conversion to DCC? We have all the electronics, decoders, controllers you need as well as years of experience to make your railroad operate with the latest digital systems.  





Lou’s passenger station– This was the final portion of the layout that covered most of the garage. Unfortunately Lou passed away early Spring 2017.






Hayden’s winter wonderland – – a large garage size layout that is still under construction. Hayden continues to modify his plans as he builds. As with many layouts as soon as you finish one area you start reworking another one.





A turntable is fully installed and programmed, including a siding for the coal loader.  The next project will be updating the town’s buildings and streets.